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Colour Ball Cufflinks PPPINK Box Set


This Colour Ball Cufflink PPPINK box set is for those who love (yes you guessed it) Pink! Each box contains three pairs of Colour Ball Cufflinks.

Say goodbye to hassle in the morning rush, trying to get your fiddly cufflinks on. Our Colour Ball Cufflinks are specially designed with a round nylon ball allowing for a very quick and easy fit to keep up with the fast pace of the city worker. They are specially designed with a slight curve in the silver plated bar allowing for a very comfortable fit when on. A great gift for yourself or to someone special they come in twelve great colours to match a shirt and tie for any occasion. Colour Balls are the easiest cufflink to get on and the most comfortable to wear out there.



Ball diameter 10mm with joining bar 12mm
Balls are made from Nylon and the joining bar is made from Brass and then Silver Plated
Each pair is packaged in our Unique Round Wooden looking Nylon Box
Made in England
Free UK Delivery


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