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Tainted Gold Plated Frog Cufflinks


  • Handmade in England
  • Gold plated
  • Head one side bum the other design
  • Secure fastening
  • Head 10×14 mm Bum 10×12 mm
  • 70% brass, 30% tainted gold


Frog Cufflinks Gold

Our tainted gold plated Frog Cufflinks Gold are designed for the classic gentleman. These cufflinks are a little different to the rest. They have been made the same way as our shiny gold plated cufflinks but instead of a shine finish, we have given them a retro tainted look. Left to breath and react with the atmosphere has given them a desired look for any young wannabe outsider. The cufflinks are designed and manufactured in England by craftsmen who have practised there craft over many years.

About Christopher Simpson Cufflinks

Christopher Alan Simpson was an artist at heart. He was a painter, designer and loved to use his imagination and be creative. He was very much a people person and thrived on having a good time. He loved laughing and made everyone around him do the same.

The company Christopher Simpson was founded in 1989. Christopher’s aim was to provide unique luxurious cufflinks of quality and distinction, which are contemporary and will most importantly, inspire fun and individuality to all who wear them- everyday. Christopher was also very passionate that all his cufflinks were to be designed and made in England. We are proud to say that they have been to this day.

Since 1989, Christopher Simpson has been in many of the leading stores such as HarrodsAsprey, Selfridges, Cordings and Next.

Very sadly in Christopher’s latter years he suffered from a short-term battle with Cancer. In the last few years his godson and nephew Thomas Simpson went to live and work with him at his home in London, Chelsea. There they battled the disease together and beat it with laughter and good times. Thomas now runs the business, and it has never been better he tells us.

We have decided in memory of Christopher and in the hunt to find a cure, to donate a percentage of each sale of Frog Cufflinks Gold to Cancer Research UK. To find out more of our story please go to our About Us page.


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